Gary Stubbings

Engineering Director Msc Bsc

Hi, I'm Gary, a hands-on application architect and Engineering leader with two first-class computing degrees and over 17 years’ experience.

My Skills

Let's work together to build something great...

A background in providing hands-on technical expertise to agile development tribes.


Experience setting up and configuring CI/CD including GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins and Circle CI


Latest approaches using micro architectures for affected build and release with Yarn, Lerna and NX


Diversity in a range of full stack languages (depending on the need) with preference towards React and Node


I have built many applications for the modern browser and mobile


I have built many services and utilities using Node.js


I have many years experience with the Java Development Kit


I have built many applications and services using the .NET framework


I have built storage mechanisms with all kinds of databases

Builds with confidence

Knowledge building scalable, secure, modern websites and applications


I use Test Driven Development (TDD) and ensure GitOps is in place to ensure quality code from development to production.


I have experience working on cloud native applications at scale, infrastructure as code and inter service messaging systems (NATS).


Experience with many Authorization flows for service-to-service and client to API, and even creating custom identity platforms.



Here’s what other's they have to say about me.

Gary is a fantastic UI Architect and Developer. I have had the pleasure of working with him at Atlas and really enjoyed collaborating with him and delivering a large number of new product features and improvements.

Kiwani Dolean

Digital Designer

It was a pleasure working with Gary. His expertise as a developer, but also good eye for design/UX and understanding of business needs and priorities made him an excellent member of the team.

Evan Kypreos

Development Director

Gary is a talented, hard working and driven individual who is always aiming to improve his skills as a person and as a developer. He constantly keeps abreast of the latest technologies and updates his skill set accordingly, allowing him to produce applications of a very high standard.

James Weatherall


My Experience

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