Gary Stubbings Msc Bsc

Software Manager / Technical Lead · Aug, 2023


I am a hands-on application architect and team leader with two first-class computing degrees and over 16 years’ experience. My expertise covers full stack software development, architecture design, Dev Ops, interface design and agile team management.

Core Skills

  • Micro Infrastructure Design
  • Service Development
  • UI/UX, Design Advocate
  • Polyglot Software Developer
  • Full Stack Development
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • CI/CD, Automation and Process Improvement
  • Agile Coach and Team Leader

Technical Skills


React, React Native, Angular, Vue, Redux, Ngxs, Ngrx, Next.JS, NativeScript, Single Spa


TypeScript/ES6+, Node.js, Apollo GraphQL, Nest.js, Storybook, Jest, RxJS


C#, .NET Core, EntityFramework, ASP.NET, MVC, NHibernate, IdentityServer4, NUnit


Java, Spring, Tapestry, Gradle, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit, Drools


MongoDB, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Redis

Dev Ops

Kubernetes, Docker (Swarm), GitHub Actions, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Portainer


Yarn, Lerna, NX, Lua, Python, Graylog, Sentry, Cypress


PrimaryBid Ltd / Senior Engineering Manager

2022 – Present · 1 yrs 5 mos

As a Technical Lead / Senior Engineering Manager I am responsible for 4 of our cross-functional engineering teams. I provide my engineering managers with both management and technical mentorship, work closely with product managers to solve complex problems, prove quality, security and performance across the platform and help break down work into manageable iterations. I am not only technically credible, but am also a full-stack contributor to the teams I manage and a strong believer in knowledge sharing.

ATS Global Ltd / UI Architect

2018 – 2022 · 3 yrs 10 mos

Reporting directly to the CDO my role is to architect and lead a team of developers in the development of a highly scalable application that allows customers to digitise their processes online. The project uses libraries and components built in React and Angular micro-frontends with Single Spa to deliver only affected changes as seamless micro application modules alongside a separate purpose-built NativeScript mobile application. Services are built primarily using NodeJS/Apollo GraphQL (Federation) and Go with IdentityServer4 managing inter-service and user authorisation. All artefacts are versioned and delivered through GitHub Releases, NPM and Docker and deployed to Azure.

TBG Solutions Ltd / Contractor

2018 – 2018 · 3 mos

Contracted part-time to work alongside the Engineering Director on two case study projects aimed at extending their demonstration to offer a web based frontend, additional compute logic and mobile alerting support. Both systems were developed using Angular, Apollo GraphQL, Node.JS and serverless integrations and deployed to AWS using CircleCI.

Utilitywise PLC / Software Development Team Leader

2015 – 2018 · 3 yrs 3 mos

I was responsible for overseeing the continued development and support of our existing web and mobile applications as well as a number of greenfield projects, including; - an online customer portal, a price comparison website and SSO authentication platform. Daily activities also included managing and mentoring an agile development team of 6 individuals ranging from senior developers to junior test analysts. Both the customer portal and price comparison website were developed using microservices communicating via NATS to talk to an angular front-end using Apollo GraphQL. These containerised services connected various functions of the business through APIs hosted in Docker (swarm).

t-mac Technologies Limited / Senior Software Engineer

2012 – 2015 · 3 yrs 3 mos

As a senior developer I played a key role in introducing agile scrum and software best practises, driving new technology and process into the business. My daily activities focused on the support and development of web and mobile t-mac configuration and reporting platforms using .NET MVC. I was later made responsible for recruiting, managing and coaching junior developers through the expansion of the department.

allfiled UK Limited / Software Engineer

2009 – 2012 · 3 yrs

Working closely with clients’ and the product owner I was responsible for building mock UI designs and working prototypes, as well as all aspects of the system and it’s design. I was focused directly towards enhancing user experience through the use of core asynchronous web components and the development of a rules-based decision engine. Development used Java and Spring with custom JavaScript within components.

SIG plc / Web and Database Developer

2005 – 2009 · 4 yrs

I was responsible for overseeing the development of a number of bespoke software systems. Including the complete development of a web-based acquisition system using ASP.NET MVC. Most significantly I orchestrated a solution for cross-platform interoperability between legacy back-end systems and the newly adopted sales platform using .NET and Apex (Salesforce). Following the transition into full time employment I received sponsorship for my part-time postgraduate degree.


Sheffield Hallam University / MSc Software Engineering / First Class (Hons)

2007 – 2010 · 3 yrs (Part time)

Service-Oriented Architectures, Application Design and Modelling, Advanced Software Engineering, Web and Logical Database Development, Project and Change Management.

Sheffield Hallam University / BSc Computing (Visualisation) / First Class (Hons)

2003 – 2007 · 4 yrs

Web-based Data Management, Software Engineering, Advanced Web Applications, Graphics and Visualisation, Databases Systems, Advanced Programming and Scripting Languages.


Springer / Computing, Volume 95, Issue 9 / Levering object-oriented knowledge for service-oriented proficiency

Published in the Springer computing journal, 2014 (Keywords: OOP, SOA). DOI: 10.1007/s00607-013-0304-6.


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